Stream 1: Environment

Changing sea levels and changing tides
  • Serena B Lee1, Joachim Ribbe2, Charles J Lemckert3
  • 1Griffith University, Australia
  • 2University of Southern Queensland, Australia
  • 3University of Canberra, Australia

The major scientific question addressed in this session is how sea level rise affects tidal range in semi-enclosed bays estuaries, and coastal seas. This topic is timely as coastal inundation is one of the most pressing issues facing coastal communities in a changing climate. Coastal inundation is affected not only by rising mean sea level, but also by changing tides. A key question to consider for coastal inundation is whether tidal range will increase with rising mean sea level and whether management strategies such as hardened shorelines will be effective in mitigating the inundation risk. While advances have been made with respect to our understanding of how tides may be amplified or attenuated under future conditions, many questions regarding geomorphological and ecosystem responses to changing conditions remain unanswered, limiting our ability to accurately predict future conditions. The session is of values due to the implications for several branches of geosciences, including climate change, oceanography, geomorphology and geography. Additionally, research on this topic has important practical implications as coastal communities seek to develop strategies to mitigate the effects of coastal inundation.

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