Stream 2: Biodiversity

Trait-based approaches for understanding ecosystem functioning in a changing world
  • James Tweedley1 and Sabine Dittmann2
  • 1Murdoch University, Australia
  • 2Flinders University, Australia

In recent years, there has been a trend to supplement traditional measures of community with those based on biological traits. These so called functional approaches have proved useful at assessing how estuarine and marine systems and their constituents, e.g. biotic assemblages and fisheries, are responding to the diverse range of threats they face, particularly in light of shifting baselines. This session aims to bring together those researchers who have developed and employed functional approaches/indices for a range of biotic groups, such as phytoplankton, invertebrates and fish, as well as those environmental and fisheries managers who can use these outputs to improve management. Suggested topics also include, new insights into the ways in which highly diverse ecosystems function, functional responses of faunas and stocks to climate change, fishing and environmental degradation and measures of functional and/or taxonomic diversity.

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