Stream 3: Ecosystem structures and functions

Ecological responses of estuarine-shelf systems under natural and anthropogenic stresses with an interdisciplinary perspective
  • F. Zhou, J.F. Chen, D. Huang
  • Second Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, Hangzhou, PR China
Orals and posters
The large river estuary and adjacent shelf ecosystems have been experiencing multi-scale changes and various ecological consequences are happening under natural and anthropogenic forcing. Eutrophication, hypoxia, coastal acidification as well as blooms of harmful algal, jellyfish and Enteromorpha prolifera are among the most common ecological disasters under such multiple stresses. This session aims to understand how terrestrial weathering, anthropogenic stresses (e.g. fertilization), estuarine hydrodynamics and biogeochemical processes alter nutrient fluxes and ratios in this dynamic system, and how these changes may result in diverse ecological disasters and a shift of the carbon source/sink function of coastal waters. We encourage contributions from physical oceanography, biogeochemistry and marine biology based on in situ or real time observation and model-based studies. Sediment records of ecological responses under natural and anthropogenic stresses since the last 200 years are also welcome.
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