Stream 4: Integration

Grey to green nature-based coastal protection
  • Jenny Brown1, Lucy Bricheno1, Stijn Temmerman2 and Zhan Hu3
  • 1National Oceanography Centre, UK
  • 2University of Antwerp, Belgium
  • 3Sun Yat-sen University, China

Coastlines worldwide are threatened by sea level rise, changing climate and anthropogenic stresses including limited financial resources and growing populations. Combining natural and artificial coastal defence is an increasing priority when developing adaptive shoreline management schemes, which accommodate healthy ecosystems and maintain resilience. Historically, reactive coastal management to flood and erosion risk implemented hard (grey) engineered defences. These have since caused adverse environmental impacts, e.g., coastal squeeze and habitat loss and are rarely sustainable. In response, soft (green) approaches have been designed to work in combination with hard defence. Soft option examples include, beach mega nourishment, flood storage schemes, intertidal wetland creation, and vegetation establishment such as mangrove forestation. This session will share new understanding associated with novel and ambitious nature-based approaches to alleviate coastal flood and erosion risks. We invite contributions from case studies at the open coast, within deltas, or estuarine environments.

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