Stream 4: Human dimension

A practical illustration of the human dimension in coastal systems and its drivers for change
  • G. Martinez
  • Ecologic Institute, Berlin, Germany
Orals followed by demonstration and plenary discussion
Worldwide coastal ecosystems are challenged by similar natural and anthropogenic influences leading to analogical problems of erosion, land slide, flooding, eutrophication, changes in the coastal flora and fauna and its resources. These alterations are predominantly a result of the human making and remaking of coastal landscapes (e.g. creation of ports, drainage of wetlands, invention of the beach, introduction and extinction of marine species) as well as the uncontrolled consumption of fossil fuels.

The session will bring together coastal practitioners and researchers from the humanities and the social and the natural sciences whose contributions will draw on the outcomes of the FP7-project RISC-KIT (, BASE ( and the BMBF funded research projects RADOST ( The interactive session will demonstrate the functional interaction of the biophysical/ ecological, socio-cultural and economic aspects of coastal ecosystems and highlight approaches for sustainable management and tools. The research results will be exemplified on a case study site with contributions of regional stakeholders.
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