Stream 4: Integration

Balancing good marine health status and blue growth
  • Angel Borja1 and Mike Elliott2
  • 1AZTI, San Sebastian, Spain
  • 2IECS, University of Hull, UK

This session aims to address in detail the topic of marine monitoring quality and health assessment in relation to maritime spatial planning, and its associated blue growth (using the resources in a sustainable way). Hence, it focuses firstly on the importance of analysing the causes and consequences of change in marine systems due to human activities and wider changes such as climate effects. This includes the threats due to the many different activities and pressures and the tools and techniques for assessing marine health in an integrative way. Secondly, the session consider maritime spatial planning and the way in which the increasingly complex and crowded marine space can be managed for the benefit of all users and uses. By tackling both aspects, the session will show how the natural marine system is protected while at the same time allowing the seas to deliver ecosystem services and societal goods and benefits. These aspects are of fundamental importance to society and all stakeholders while at the same time giving marine natural and social scientists the challenge of creating sufficient knowledge, approaches and techniques.

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