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Communicating the risk of coastal degradation under the Climate Change scenario: Challenges and opportunities
  • José Julio Ferraz de Campos Jr
  • Energetic Planning / Environmental Economics, Brazil

The series of coastal events, such as storms and tsunamis, over the last years resulted in serious economic damages and loss of lives. Balancing economic interests in the use of coastal zones with the needs of the populations for their preservation has been a strong challenge, whose traditional concern arises only after the occurrence of the events.

Recently, particularly within the context of the release of the Sustainable Development Goals, the economic sector, both private and governmental, perceived a new opportunity to communicate to the society their actions toward sustainability within the climate change scenario. However, the lack of a clear communication between the academic and the economic /social sectors, using a uniform metric, has prevented the last ones from understanding the real consequences, both local and global, of not giving the proper attention to a more systemic analysis of the changes that is being caused to natural coastal lines, and populations, due to the increase of climate change impacts.

Therefore, is the proposal of this section to gather cases of positive and negative results concerning on how to reach a more effective way for researchers to communicate they so that the society and the economic sectors can approach the coastal sustainable development needs at a long-term.

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