Stream 4: Integration

Taking Social Sustainability to the Sea: How to Strengthen the Social Dimension of Coastal and Marine Governance
  • Michael Gilek1, Lysann Schneider2, Victor de Jonge3, Bruce Glavovic4, Fred Saunders1
  • 1Södertörn University, Sweden
  • 2University of Bern, Switzerland
  • 3University of Hull, UK
  • 4Massey University, New Zealand

The key challenge facing coastal and marine governance is how to achieve opportunities of a more sustainable use of coastal and marine resources and territory without realising threats of transcending environmental thresholds.

However, there are a number of outstanding questions where more attention needs to be paid to the role of social sustainability in its interaction with the environmental ambitions of marine governance. They also relate to debates over how to define, operationalise and analyse sustainable coastal and marine governance. Key questions addressed in this session include: How can institutions at various levels of governance be linked to give ‘sufficient’ expression to placed-based institutions, knowledge and practices? How can conflict be handled, so as to support cooperation among actors with different values, understandings and aspirations? How to analyse and address contentions over trade-offs between environmental and social goals? How to deal with uneven power relations? How to include socio-cultural values and knowledge? We welcome conceptual, analytical, empirical and policy perspectives that address these questions.
Focused topics include:

  • Institutional arrangements and community-oriented approaches of managing and using coastal and marine resources
  • Incorporation of institutional and social aspects into an Ecosystem (-based) Approach to understand or manage coastal/marine resources
  • Innovative methodologies around science/experiential/local knowledge interaction
  • Governance/policy approaches that integrate the local population more effectively into processes that limit usage conflict, deal transparently and fairly with trade-offs and/or support sustainable use
  • Adaptation processes between coastal/marine environments and people
  • Approaches that highlight the winners and losers in coastal/marine use and management
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