Stream 1: Environment

Keeping major urban estuaries, ports and harbours viable
  • Kerry Trayler1, Steeg Hoeksema1, Frances D’Souza2, Beth Strain3, Chandra Salgado-Kent4, Glenn Hyndes5, Jaimie Potts6, Penelope Ajani7, Peter Scanes5
  • 1Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions, Australia
  • 2Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Australia
  • 3World Harbours Project, Australia
  • 4Curtin University, Australia
  • 5Edith Cowan University, Australia
  • 6NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, Australia
  • 7University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Urban estuaries, ports and harbours are focal points for human social and economic activity, growth and expansion. These dynamic environments contain important natural assets that are vulnerable to a diverse range of threats, and management is challenged by multiple development opportunities, stakeholders and user groups. This mini symposium brings together multi-disciplinary global researchers and professionals to showcase their thinking, scientific developments and innovative ideas to the areas of:

Ecosystem Understanding

  • Shifting ecosystem dynamics and drivers of change
  • Ecosystem modelling
  • Sediment, water quality and biogeochemical recycling
  • Urban wildlife: dynamics and sustainability
  • Land-Waterway-Ocean: unravelling vital linkages;

Ecosystem Modification and Management

  • Ecosystem restoration and sustainable management
  • Ecological stoichiometry
  • Habitat enhancement - using natural and artificial means
  • Biosecurity - technology and management approaches;

Integrating Social and Economic Values

  • Quantifying socio-economic and environmental values and integration into management;
  • Integrating traditional-owner knowledge into urban waterways management
  • Managing multi-stakeholder and multi-use - challenges and approaches
  • Population and generational change – developing best practice opportunities in education and engagement. 
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