Keynote Speaker

Marta Coll, ICM-CSIC, Spain

Marta Col studied Environmental Sciences, and obtained a PhD in Ecology, Animal Biology and Vegetal Biology (Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2006). She worked at the Biology Department of Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada), at the Fisheries Centre of the British Columbia University (Vancouver, Canada), IRD – UMR MARBEC (Sète, France) and at University of Cape Town – MA-RE Institute (South Africa). Currently, she is a senior researcher at the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC), in Barcelona, Spain, a research institute belonging to the Spanish Council of Research in Spain. Her research focuses on understanding patterns and processes that have and will characterize marine ecosystems and, in particular, changes of, and threats to, marine biodiversity. She studies community and food-web dynamics linked with human activities (such as fisheries, eutrophication, invasive species and climate change), and how these translate into changes in ecosystem structure and functioning, and into services that humans obtain from the ocean. She develops and applies a variety of ecological analyses based on ecosystem modelling techniques and statistical tools, and she uses historical data, experimental results and field data sets. She currently works on developing and testing scenarios of future trajectories of change to find best solutions for transformative management of the oceans. She is a member of the Global Ocean Modelling (GOM) from the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada), and of the Ecopath International Research and Development Consortium. She is editor of the ICES Journal of Marine Science and a member of the Editorial Board of Ecological Modelling. She is author of more than 200 peer-reviewed papers (Hindex: 65) and highly cited researcher in 2021 (World’s Top 2% Scientists, Stanford University). She has participated in > 180 contributions in national and international conferences, has been a teacher at several graduate and specialized courses, and has reviewed >250 publications from > 30 journals.

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